~~A deposit is required at drop off~~

Alterations $200.00 or more requires $100.00 deposit

Under $200. requires $50.00 deposit‚Äč

** We take checks or cash only for payments**

Alterations: We alter * Bridal Gowns* only in our busy season


In our busy season any gowns needed within a month time frame is considered a rush job, and therefore we charge a $50.00 rush  fee. If within two week time frame its $100.00.

If we have a coupon or on going promotion on our website, you must bring this coupon in for your first fitting. Failure to do so could void any discounts for you.

You must bring whatever under garments and shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day to your first fitting. These items do have change the fit of your gown.

If you plan to bring a photographer to any of your fittings, please let us know in advance so we can make sure no other clients are waiting to use the fitting rooms. Thank you in advance.

Designing/custom made gowns: Bridal & formal wear only.

If you have a picture of a gown you want to have made, or a combination of pictures you would like to use to have a gown made. Bring these to your first meeting with us. We can use these pictures or can work with you to create a design of your liking. When we design a gown or do a custom made fit, the gown will be fitted to your form to a perfect fit. You will not need to do any type of alteration to your gown, unless you lose or gain weight after the gown is completed.

Re-designing of gowns: Bridal & formal wear only.

Re-designing can mean almost anything. It can mean adding/removing sleeves, changing neck line, changing bodice or/and skirt styles, adding appliques to the gown, have a design embroidered into the gown and etc... . This is something that needs to be discussed at the first fitting to make sure we book you for the amount of fittings that you will need to make sure the work is done in a timely fashion before your wedding. So we all know what is to be expected and to be done to the gown.

Cleaning & pressing: Bridal & formal wear only.

We do spot cleaning or a full cleaning on the gowns. We press the gowns after the spots or full cleaning. There is an extra charge for spot or full cleaning and pressing after the alterations are complete. We also offer this service for gowns we do not alter as well. Pricing depends on the gowns. We have to see the gowns to give a price.

In home fittings: Bridal & formal wear only.

We go to your home or where ever it is you wish to meet with us. This is an additional charge for this service call. Contact us for a quote. This can be just for the bride or for her bridal party. Including mother or bride/groom and who ever is in need of formal attire alterations. Even including the men's wear.

Care taker of the bridal gown: Bridal gown only.

We go the location of your choosing at a time that you set before hand. You also tell us what time you will no longer be needing us on location. We can press and deliver your gown the day of your wedding and do a touch up pressing before the bride puts on her bridal gown. This can also include pressing of the bridesmaids and mother of bride/groom as well. If you are going for pictures before the ceremony we do a touch up pressing before you walk down the aisle. When you are taking pictures we lay out  your gowns train and fix the placement of your veil and gown so that you always look your best with each and every picture. We help carry your gown where ever you go. We also keep a check on your bridal party's attire. If there's a button to be replaced or a strap needing adjustment we can fix. We can stay with you and your bridal party until we put your bustle up before you go into your reception. We check all gowns to see if  all is good  before we leave you ladies to your guest looking your best.

Gown preservation: All types of gowns. Bridal, formal, christening gowns and etc...

We clean, press and preserve all types of gowns. We make sure all stains are removed from the gowns before we do the full cleaning process. If there's any tears or beading missing we repair before we place the gown into the acid free box. We do not seal the acid free box. We leave the box open until the gown is inspected by the owner, to see that we took the best of care with her gown. We do not use harsh chemical cleansers that dry cleaners use. So there will be no discoloring of the sequins on the gown. We clean one gown at a time, unlike dry cleaners that clean many at one time in the dry cleaning machine.

Bridal Alterations


Design bridal gowns

Re-design bridal gowns

Cleaning & pressing of all types of gowns

In home fitting appointments for bridal gown or/and bridal party

Care taker of bridal gown on the wedding day

Gown preservation

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